About Me

I've taught for the last 7 years, the past five as a math teacher at Issaquah High School.  At my previous school, Evergreen High School in the Highline School District, I taught math and technology.  Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the private sector for 5 years.  My work history includes stints with Laird Norton Tyee (a local wealth management firm), Washington Mutual (it wasn't my fault, I told them to get out of real estate!), Ernst & Young (at the time a big four accounting firm), and SECO Development Incorporated (a Seattle-based real estate development firm, I worked as an intern on several projects including Island Market Square in Mercer Island).  I earned my bachelors degree from "Thee" Ohio State University (with Magna Cum Laude distinction - yes, I'm bragging, because I worked for it!), and my teaching credential plus my Masters in Education from Seattle Pacific University.  In additon to my teaching duties, I also manage the billing for my wife's optometry practice, C Fast Optometry, located inside Eyes On Fremont in Seattle.  We were married in September 2009 at Snoqualmie Point Park, which is the start of the 11 mile Rattlesnake Lake Hike.  In March 2013, we welcomed our first (and second) children: Caleb & Chloe, pictured below.  Yes they are twins.  No they are not identical.  Yes I have answered those questions in succession (A LOT!).

I was raised in Columbus, Ohio and spent my years of teenage angst playing sports, breaking my father's computers, and working on various art projects (I should mention that I did fix some of those computers, but he doesn't seem to remember that).  During my high school years, I focused on art, rather than math, as a future career.  I attended "Thee" Ohio State University for season football tickets (GO BUCKS!) AND to get a bachelor's degree (believe whatever you must about what I found more important).  After graduating I worked for a non-profit agency in New York state for 1 year, than moved back to Ohio for a few months, before driving across the country to the great Pacific Northwest.
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