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Why I'm a Teacher

I definitively remember the moment I decided to be a teacher.  I guess you could call it an epiphany.  I was on the 8th floor of the Laird Norton building, overlooking the Puget Sound in my boss' office.  It was strikingly beautiful.  This was the next step for me, and I didn't want it.  I wanted to work with people, and teach.  I just knew it.
     love teaching.  And I think it's important you know it.  I'm not teaching because I can't do anything else, I'm teaching because there is nothing else I'd rather do.
    A few months after my epiphany, which occured in August 2006, I started working as a long term substitute teacher at Evergreen High School.  I've been teaching ever since.  I've decided to include a picture of the Puget Sound Overlook.  Just quiet yourself and think, what do I want to do?