Back to School: Supplies List & More...

posted Aug 28, 2011, 10:25 PM by Mr Lebeiko   [ updated Aug 5, 2013, 9:24 PM ]
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.  Here is a list of supplies that all my students will need (no matter the class):
  1. 3 hole-punched LOOSE LEAF Graphing Paper (no bindings - I will periodically collect homework and classwork, so I need you to be able to give me papers quickly).
  2. A binder for said graph paper (it doesn't have to be only math, but it needs to be organized).
  3. Dividers for math binder (you can make your own with cardboard if you'd like).
  4. Pencils (required on all tests)
  5. Black or Blue Pens
  6. Red Pens (for grading, will be a daily necessity)
  7. 1/2 ruler (or whole, but its easier to store in a bag) - for use as straight edge and measurement
  8. Calculator Recommendations by class:
    Algebra 1 & Geometry: My recommended calculator is the TI-30X IIS, retails for $15 or so.  We will be using my class set of the TI Nspire graphing calculators so there really won't be a need for one at home.  Here is a picture of the TI-30X IIS (comes in several different colors for those who are both math nerds and enjoy fashion - an elite group which includes myself), and a link to buy it at Staples or Target:

    Financial Algebra: Although not necessary, it may be helpful to purchase an easy to use financial calculator.  Financial calculations are very difficult, and often require us to use Microsoft Excel in class.  If you think you need an extra boost in the class, I recommend the TI BA II Plus financial calculator.  The calculator is available at major retailers, and is selling for $35 at the staples on Front Street.  If you feel confident with excel, or your comfortable using the class set of TI-Nspires, and you don't struggle to finish homework in class, you won't even need a calculator.

  9. A big smile.  Or a lethargic teenage angst filled "whatever man" face.  Or just your face.  Smile, frown, awkwardly inbetween, whatever works for you will work for me.
  10. No cell phones, iPods, or mp3 devices (or any music players for that matter) allowed in the classroom.  See me if you think you have a medical exception for this rule.  The inability to separate your iPhone from your face or yourself from facebook don't count.  So basically don't plan on using your phone as a calculator, or I'll be putting it into THE CELL (a small box containing confiscated student cell phones).
  11. And finally the video that helps you remember how to spell my name and get to my website: