Mr. Lebeiko

Pronounced: "La - Bake - O"

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For my current students this year in Personal Finance, Intro to Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or Intro to Health Careers.

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L-E-B, L-E-B, E-I, E-I, K-O, Mister La-Bake-Oh DOT COM!

This is a very old video from a dated site called TeacherTube. I was forced to use it when I first got my teaching certificate, in 2007 I believe.

It's to the tune of E.I., by the old school rapper, Nelly, and then it has a distinct vibe to it for those who remember that company and its commercial.

Again it's dated, but it will help you remember how to spell my name.

ENJOY! A click on the button will take you to the music video.