About Me

I'm returning to teaching after a 4 year hiatus to help raise my twins (who are entering Kindergarten) and also grow my wife's optometry business. I have 8 years teaching experience, 6 as a CTE & Math teacher at Issaquah High School and 2 in Evergreen High School in White Center.

Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the private sector for 5 years. My work history includes Laird Norton Tyee, a local wealth management firm, Washington Mutual (before the Great Recession), Ernst & Young, and SECO Development Incorporated,a Seattle-based real estate development firm. Over the past ten years, I have also managed my wife's optometry practice in Seattle, and started a small app for optometry offices in North America.

I was raised in Columbus, Ohio and spent my teenage years playing sports and surfing on prodigy, AIM, and AOL (I was the first of the web generation). When I was young I thought I would grow up to be an architect or a graphic designer. Or an NBA player. After graduating high school, I attended Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration, double majoring in Finance and Urban Planning. I moved to Seattle shortly after graduating because I had some family here, and I love the area.